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An average car stands still over 90% of the time. At Tapazz we think this is a waste of capital, material and scarce city space. That is why we are building carsharing solutions: user friendly and reusable soft- and hardware to make it easier to book, manage and use car(fleets) more efficiently. 

We deliver our solutions to individuals, companies and  property developers. So that together we can accelerate the transition to “mobility as a service”. Which allows us to serve more people with less cars. Resulting in less material wasted, less money wasted and more eco-friendly city space!

A few examples of our solutions in the marketplace:

Tapazz peer2peer (carsharing platform for individuals)

Corda carsharing (companies / company terrain)

oHasebuurtautos.be (whitelabel solution for property developer)

Why work with us?

  • Challenge yourself
  • Contribute to a better world
  • Open-minded, no-nonsense culture

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Corda Campus - Hasselt

Corda Incubator

Kempische Steenweg 311 - Hasselt